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Alongside the Autumn Meeting the inaugural Catriona Matthew Team Trophy was being contested.

Clubs nominated one or two teams of three players to take part, the best two scores being added together to give the score for their team.

23 teams from 14 Clubs took part, including a team from Muirfield and one from the home club, Winterfield.

ELLCGA are delighted to report that our junior team won the competition with a fantastic score of 80. The trophy will be presented by Catriona Matthew at North Berwick Golf Club at a date to be arranged.

Many thanks to Winterfield for hosting this competition.


1st ELLCGA Juniors Ellie Bent, Grace Crawford and Lucy Thomas  80 points

2nd Musselburgh A Trudy Burnett, Anne Rorison and Irene Stewart 76 points

3rd North Berwick A Elinor Blair, Fiona McIver and Gwen Stewart 75 points

It was a beautiful day in Dunbar with very little wind and Winterfield was in fantastic condition, scoring was generally good with the front nine proving a lot easier than the back nine. Our members were very positive about the course and all seemed to have really enjoyed their day.

Grace Crawford’s 65 may be a new ladies record but this will need to be confirmed, fantastic score Grace.

Congratulations go to the winner of the Autumn Meeting, one of our new members in her first ELLCGA competition, Val Bird (Royal Musselburgh) with a Stableford score of 43.

There were 15 2’s, special mention for Carole Ross who managed a 2 on the 15th, a hole most of us thought was a par 4.

Thanks go to the staff at Winterfield for their help.

Handicap Winners

1st Val Bird 43 points

2nd Ellie Bent 41 points

3rd Seline Stewart 40 points  (bih)

4th Linda Tulloch 40 points

Gross Scores

1st Grace Crawford 39 points

2nd Carys Irvine 34 points

3rd Deborah Back house 30 points

Mary Lou Renwick 29 points

Full Results

Autumn Meeting Nett Scores

Autumn Meeting Gross Scores

Autumn Meeting Two’s

Follow the link to access the start sheet for the Autumn Meeting at Winterfield.

Autumn Meeting Start Sheet v.2

Jane Nelson

We have 90 entrants for the Autumn Meeting so far, with about 30 spaces remaining on the start sheet. The closing date for entries is 5.00pm on Friday 11 September.

For the first time we will be combining the Autumn Meeting with our new Catriona Matthew Team Trophy. After entry has closed, each club’s lady captain will be invited to nominate up to two teams, each made up of three players who have entered the Autumn Meeting. The Trophy will be awarded to the team who have the highest aggregate of the best two stableford scores from their three players. Note that this is done on overall stableford scores NOT hole by hole. We hope also to have teams made up of county junior members.
Entries can be made through BRS.

Jane Nelson

Fife County Ladies Golf Association have just announced the arrangements for the East of Scotland Championship, which will be held this year on the Jubilee Course at St Andrews, on Sunday 18 October. The competition is open to members of East of Scotland counties (East Lothian, Fife, Midlothian and Stirling & Clackmannanshire). As well as the individual stroke play competition there is a team trophy to be played for.

In the event that there are more entrants than tee times, places will be allocated to the players with the lowest handicaps. The closing date for entries is 21 September 2020.

Entry Form at this link: EoS Entry Form

Information Sheet: EoS Championship 2020 Poster

The East Lothian County Flag flew over Muirfield yesterday for the first time since the memorable day of our Spring Meeting in 2017. This time it was for the Babe Zaharias Competition and yet again the main topic of conversation was the weather. 155 players had come from all over the UK to experience the wonderful Muirfield course and to take in the fabulous East Lothian scenery, sadly there was little of that to be seen as heavy mist shrouded the course. The Babe Zaharias Trophy shone some light on the scene as it was looking magnificent since its trip to the jewellers to be re-silvered.

Amazingly this didn’t dampen the spirits and the masked players were surprisingly upbeat as they came in to call out their scores, it made it very difficult for us to recognise even old friends, it didn’t help that they were very wet and bedraggled. Many of them told us that it was like appearing on Dragon’s Den as they read out from the pieces of blue papier mache that were their scorecards. We heard tales of the brutal rough, the bunkers, not being able to see the ball land in the fog, playing 9 off a tee just so they could post a score and losing 11 balls (apologies to anyone who lost more) but all with good humour and a feeling that they had managed to survive the round.

The fog became thicker and thicker and there were serious concerns about the late starters. Jenni went out in the buggy to check the conditions and there was great concern over whether the competition could continue, it was really touch and go but amazingly and unexpectedly the fog lifted and this allowed the final groups to finish.

Congratulations to our prize winners in particular Karen Marshall who won the Babe Zaharias Trophy with a fabulous score of 77, given the conditions an amazing effort and Kay Lannin whose net 76 won her the Ultraplast Trophy.


A sign of the times

For a long time there was no certainty that this event would have been able to go ahead so a huge thank you to Muirfield for their efforts in helping us stage this competition and to make sure we complied with all the Covid rules. I am sure all the players appreciated the chance to play on this great course.

The ‘Babe’ has always been about raising money for charity and there will be an update soon on the sum that will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. Thank you to all those who took part for their support.

Babe Zaharias was an amazing character and it is well worth looking at her story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babe_Didrikson_Zaharias

Full Results can be found at the following links:

Gross results          Nett results               Twos report

On a really challenging day at Muirfield congratulations to the winner of the Babe Zaharias Trophy Karen Marshall and the winner of the Ultraplast Trophy Kay Lannin.

The results were as follows:

The Babe Zaharias Trophy 


Winner Karen Marshall (Baberton) 77

Second Karen Ferguson-Snedden (Mortonhall) 81

Third Tara Mactaggart (Minto) 82 bih

The Ultraplast Trophy 


Winner Kay Lannin (Craigielaw) net 76 bih

Second Susan Rennie (Longniddry) 76

Third Diane Watson (Leven) 78

Thank you to Muirfield for hosting this event.

More to follow

Good morning ladies, a bit of a dreich start at Muirfield this morning but not raining. I think everyone is looking forward to playing the course, hopefully it will clear up.

HCEG Muirfield have been very supportive in enabling us to go ahead with the Babe Zaharias next Monday. However they have been required by East Lothian Council to provide a very detailed and stringent Covid-19 risk assessment which in turn requires us to set very strict and comprehensive rules. These are attached, and you will be asked on the day to confirm that you have read and understand these. If you booked tee times on behalf of other players please forward this email to them.

The additional rules cover travel to Muirfield, registration, practice facilities, play, entering results, professional shop and catering.

Muirfield Additional Covid Regulations (3)

I must draw your attention in particular to the ban on car sharing to travel to Muirfield outside the three ball that you are playing in. If you were planning to car share with someone outside your group, please let me know and we will try to re-arrange the start sheet. This may not be possible, and I would ask all East Lothian and Midlothian ladies not to request this so that we can concentrate on helping those travelling from further afield.

Please note also that your temperature will be checked on arrival, and, if it is above 38 degrees you will not be permitted to play.

I hope everyone will understand why we are having to set such stringent requirements. These are challenging times but together we can make it work!

Thank you all for your co-operation – and thanks again to Muirfield for making it happen.

Jane Nelson
Hon. Secretary, East Lothian Ladies County Golf Association

It is looking likely that we will be able to run counting competitions for the Babe Zaharias and Ultraplast Trophies next Monday, which is good news. However there are a lot of details that we have yet to sort out, and I’m afraid it’s going to mean that you will probably get several emails over the next few days.

I do need to let you know now that we will be required to provide Muirfield with the names of all players and, in the event of this being required for Covid track and trace, contact information for you all. If you are not willing for your contact details to be passed on, I am afraid you will not be able to play. If this is the case, please let me know as soon as possible.

Best wishes.

Jane Nelson
Hon. Secretary, ELLCGA

We remain uncertain whether we will be able to play the competition, as open counting competitions are not yet permitted in Scotland. However we are putting all arrangements in place so that we are able to proceed at short notice if the go ahead is given.

Meanwhile, HCEG Muirfield have very kindly agreed that we may have use of the course on 17 August for non-counting golf. Therefore, if we are unable to hold the competition we will run a Tri-Am type competition – teams as per the start sheet. Full details of the arrangements, and also catering etc., will be published nearer the date of the competition.

We will publish Terms of Competition amended for the latest Covid rules. In the meantime please note that caddies will not be permitted, and that buggies (which must be booked through Muirfield) may only be used with the permission of the Committee.

If you are travelling up from England, please make sure that you are familiar with the up-to-date Scottish Covid guidance (e.g. 2m social distancing).

If you wish to withdraw at this stage, a full refund will be given. Please let us know as soon as possible as we have a long waiting list of people keen to play Muirfield.

Jane Nelson
Hon. Secretary, ELLCGA

The start sheet for the Babe Zaharias Competition can be found here:

BZ Draw (as at 30.7.2020)

Please note that we are still uncertain as to whether we can play this competition.

We have been given the go-ahead by Scottish Golf to run a singles knock-out competition, so we’ve decided to start the Winter Knock-out early, and to run it this year as a singles competition. This should make organisation easier and ensure that we meet Covid requirements.

The competition will be run by Kay Lannin, and entries should be sent to her (kathleeen.lannin@icloud.com) by Friday 21 August and the draw will be published shortly afterwards.

Please note that her email address really does have 3 ‘e’s in the first name, it’s not a typo!

The Winter Foursomes rules will apply and we will announce separately any decision that has to be made about handicaps if the new handicapping system is introduced in November.

We hope to get lots of entries, as we have all been starved of competitive golf this year.

Jenni Ray

The Autumn Meeting at Winterfield GC (due to be played on 10 August) has been put back to Friday 18 September. This is subject to Scottish Golf giving the go-ahead for open competitions to resume. Booking will open at 0800 on Friday 21 August.

Many thanks to Winterfield GC for allowing us to rearrange.

Jane Nelson

Entries opened today for the Babe Zaharias Trophy, to be played at Muirfield on Monday 17 August. We decided that we had to go ahead and open the Babe Zaharias for entries, so that we had time to get set up and are ready to go if the green light is given in time. However we still have to wait for the announcement from Scottish Golf to confirm that open competitions may take place.
All 156 places were taken within the first few minutes, with a waiting list of nearly 80 names.  The Entry List (alphabetical order) shows the names of players who have secured a starting time and the Waiting List (in position order) shows the names of players who were unfortunately unsuccessful at this stage.
 Martin Dempster has written an interesting article putting the case for open competitions to resume.
Apologies must go to those on the waiting list, we do know how frustrating it is to try to book tee times when there is such a high demand.
Fingers crossed that we get the go ahead.
Jane Nelson

Following on from our email of 25 June, Scottish Golf has still not confirmed that open competitions can go ahead. Nevertheless, in the hope that this will change soon, we are opening on-line entry for the Babe Zaharias (Muirfield on Monday 17 August) at 0800 on Monday 13 July, via BRS on the ELLCGA website (follow the ‘Read More’ link below):

At this stage there is a lot of uncertainty about whether we will be able to go ahead with the competition, and what facilities will be available/allowed. There will definitely be toilets available in the clubhouse and on the course, but catering arrangements cannot yet be confirmed and changing facilities may be very restricted. We will send more information as soon as we have it.

Play will be in three balls, with tee times at ten minute intervals from 0800 to 1630.

The entry fee this year is £30 – a bit higher than previous years to cover the cost of having the trophy replated – and, as always, the proceeds go to the Macmillan Cancer charity (we donated £4400 from last year’s competition). If we are not allowed to proceed with the event, entry fees will be refunded in full.

The handicap limit for the competition is 30, as in previous years.

If the event is oversubscribed and you are unable to book a tee time, please email ellcga2@gmail.com to be put on the waiting list. The waiting list will be in the order of receipt of emails. The Committee may make minor alterations to booked tee times to optimise the start sheet – anyone whose tee time is changed will be notified individually. The closing date for entries is 5.00pm on Friday 31 July (although we think it likely that the tee sheet will be fully booked very quickly). No refunds for withdrawals will be made after the closing date (unless the competition has to be cancelled), and the start sheet will be published as soon as possible after that date.

Buggies may only be used if medical circumstances require this. Permission to use a buggy must be sought from the organising committee – please email ellcga2@gmail.com. The Terms of Competition this year will state that caddies are not permitted. We will review the latest advice from Scottish Golf /R&A to make other necessary arrangements for things like returning scores, bunkers etc.

Yours sincerely

Jane Nelson
Hon. Secretary, ELLCGA

Subject to Scottish Golf confirming that Open Competitions can be played, and toilet facilities being available, we are planning to go ahead with the Babe Zaharias Trophy at Muirfield on Monday 17 August. Entries, via BRS on the East Lothian Ladies website, will open at 0800 on Monday 13 July.

We have put back the opening date for entries so that we can provide you with as much information as possible about what facilities will be available, as it is likely that these will be restricted. We will run the competition in accordance with whatever rules Scottish Golf have put in place. (They have recently confirmed that club competitions can restart, with special arrangements made for recording and submitting scores).

If the event is over-subscribed, we will run a waiting list.

So we will be in touch again some time around 10 July to confirm the arrangements that have been put in place, to allow you to decide whether to enter.

Fingers crossed!

Jane Nelson
Hon. Secretary, ELLCGA


I hope I find you all in good health and coping in this extraordinary time. I hope we will be back to golf soon, but as we know it will not immediately be in the format which will allow the County to hold all our usual competitions.

Gail, Jane and I have had a few meetings (via Zoom) with Scottish Golf and the East of Scotland Captains. Karin Sharpe is the new Chief Operating Officer of Scottish Golf and is managing all decisions being made by them. We had a very insightful and informative meeting with her. Scottish Golf had cancelled all the competitions they manage a long time ago. Many of us suggested they had made this call too soon, but as things have progressed this has been the right decision for them.

The meeting with the East of Scotland Captains, again made a few changes for us. The Jamboree has been cancelled. I have informed the squad players, and this is obviously a disappointment. The captains of Fife and Stirling & Clackmannanshire have only just come on board and so they feel that as they have not experienced any golf this year, they are prepared to commit to a further two years Captaincy. The Midlothian Captain is going to commit to one more year. The decision has been made to roll forward all the competitions we have between us to next year. So in 2021 Midlothian will still be holding the Jamboree at Kingsnowe and Fife will hold the East of Scotland (EoS) Championships. Gail and I have decided we are not repeating any years and we will exchange our roles as per usual at the AGM in November. Some clever person had worked out a system where the County Captain does not have to manage any major competition in their first year. This now alters with these changes mentioned above. In fact it means that our Captain will be hosting the Jamboree in their first year. We discussed this with the ELLCGA Committee and felt that this would not be too big a problem. We have a strong, supportive Committee and membership, so all the help that would be required to run a Jamboree would be available. If competitive golf returns before the end of this season, then Fife will still run the EoS Championship at St Andrews, and also next year. Let’s hope this can happen.

The other counties have cancelled all their competitions for the rest of the season. We are not doing that at this stage, though we have taken the decision to cancel the Commonwealth Spoons on 21 May and the Summer Meeting on 15 June. Golf is returning and changes are happening so I am still optimistic that we may have some form of competitive golf this year, maybe on different dates, but hopefully we will have something to organise for you all.

The 5-a-sides have been cancelled however. Gail has sent an email to the Club Captains to let them know.

The East Lothian Junior League, have also not yet cancelled all their events. These continue to be cancelled as time goes on, with the hope that some may be played. The Cuthbertson Cup was due to be played at Kilspindie this year on 27th September, we will still host it next year so I have asked for it to be changed to the 26th September 2021. The East of Scotland Junior spring, summer and autumn meetings are still under discussion and we will all be advised when those decisions are made.

The opening date for entry for the Babe Zaharias has been moved to July at the earliest. We will let you know if there are any alterations to this event.

My thanks to Jane and Gail for attending all these Zoom meetings and to Lesley for keeping the website updated with the news as it happens. Also thanks to Katie McNicoll for running our quizzes. I hope you are enjoying it and congratulations to Liz McLelland and Lucy Hall who seem to be the scratch quizzers in the county.

Keep safe and I hope to be able to see you all at a competition soon.

Best regards

According to the Sunday Times today a return to golf in Scotland is on the cards , perhaps this week, however competition golf is further away.

Sadly we have had to cancel the Commonwealth Spoons, due to be played at Haddington and our Summer Meeting at Royal Musselburgh has also been cancelled.

The Inter County Jamboree at Kingsnowe has been postponed until next year. Hopefully we will be able to play competitions later in the year.

Fingers crossed that the Sunday Times is correct.

We hope you are all safe and well.

The answers and results for Lockdown Quiz 2 are attached. Congratulations to Lucy Hall, who was the clear winner with 17/20. Our President Joanne Watt and Brenda Goldstein tied for second place on 16. (Our President seemed to do rather better than our Captain this time!).

East Lothian Ladies’ County Golf Association Lockdown Quiz – Leaderboard 2

This year’s Babe Zaharias Trophy is due to be played at Muirfield on Monday 17 August, and entries were due to open on 1 June.

Clearly we have no idea yet as to whether it will be possible to play the competition on 17 August. We are therefore postponing the opening date for entries until things are clearer. We will keep you informed.

Please find attached the results and answers from last week’s quiz. Congratulations to Liz McLelland, who got full marks, and to Lucy Hall, who was the top junior with 16/20.

Quiz 1 results

Katy has set a second quiz for us, which can be found by following ‘Read More’. Entries in by 5pm next Wednesday 13 May please.

Remember, no cheating!

What a beautiful day it would have been for our Spring Meeting, Luffness will be in wonderful condition and here we are in lockdown.

Just think of some of the conditions we have had in the past, Dunbar and Muirfield spring to mind. The forecast for the rest of the month shows that we may start to see drought headlines in the papers.

Muirfield in a break between hail storms

However it is important that we stay safe and continue to keep off the courses no matter how frustrating it is.

Whatever the weather, I’m sure that like you, I can’t wait to get back to golf and I promise not to moan about the rain.

Just to let you know that we are thinking of our members and trying to make some plans. Thanks to Gail McKill for organising a “Zoom” meeting for us, an interesting experience for all. One of our committee members did have to leave the meeting briefly, to get her wine delivery but otherwise it went smoothly.

So far the only events that have been cancelled are the Spring meeting and the Summer Hole & Hole but we do expect that more will fall by the wayside.

We hope everyone is safe and well.

ELLCGA Committee

In the light of the updated Coronavirus recommendations we have had to make the following decisions.

The Spring Meeting at Luffness is cancelled/postponed, we have been advised by Luffness that all competitions have been cancelled.

The Summer Hole & Hole competition is cancelled.

The Club Captain’s meeting has been postponed.

All Junior League events in March have been cancelled.

Check with the website to receive any updated information.
This is such a worrying time for all you you. Please be safe and let us keep in touch.

Take care

In accordance with the government recommendations re Coronavirus the Summer Hole & Hole Competition has been cancelled.

The situation regarding Coronavirus is becoming more complicated every day.

We are concerned about the welfare of our members and would ask that if you have any symptoms such as a high temperature or a have developed a cough please do not play Summer Hole & Hole ties.

More information will follow re our other competitions in due course.

How to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus
√ wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
√ always wash your hands when you get home or into work
√ use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
√ cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
√ put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
√ try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell
× do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

A beautiful day for golf so no complaints from anyone.
Mary Lou Watkins and Gail McKill played par golf beating Jenni Ray and Jane McMinn at the 15th.
It sounds like good golf was played in the Spring sunshine ☀️
Congratulations to Gail and Mary Lou.
Kay Lannin