Another aspect of the Jamboree was the wildlife, particularly red squirrels but lots of other creatures as well.

Photos of squirrels courtesy of Elaine Wolstencroft

Many thanks to Caroline Steedman of Midlothian for her film of baby squirrels, it can be downloaded by following this link.



An eyed ladybird ( Anatis ocellata) on a bench at Ladybank. This is Britain’s largest ladybird and has a russet or burgundy body and up to 23 black spots, which sometimes have cream rings around them. Host plant: needled conifers, particularly pines. Will disperse from conifers in late summer when feeding up for winter. Overwinters in soil or leaf litter.

A striped ladybird ( Myzia oblongoguttata) on a bench at Ladybank ( Larix decidua). Chestnut with cream stripes and up to 15 spots, it is most commonly found in mature Scots pine woodland. Preferred prey are the large brown aphids.

Ladybird larvae

Once a Biology teacher always a Biology teacher


Miscellaneous “creatures” found in the woods