Our Champion this year is Tara MacTaggart.

Tara MacTaggart beat Grace Crawford  2 & 1 in today’s final.

Winner of the Handicap Quaich is Fiona Maciver.

Fiona Maciver beat Wendy Thummanond 2 & 1 in the final

Report to follow.

The semi finals of the Championship and the Handicap Quaich were played this morning.

Results were as follows:

Championship Semi Final

Grace Crawford beat Carys Irvine 5 & 3

Tara MacTaggart beat Clara Young 21st hole

Handicap Quaich Semi Final

Wendy Thummanond beat Lesley McClelland 2 & 1

Irene Stewart lost to Fiona McIver 2 up

The final line ups are

Grace Crawford v Tara MacTaggart

Wendy Thummanond v Irene Stewart v Fiona McIver

Report to follow.

Some very close games and some fine golf played in the Handicap Quaich today.

The Semi Finals will take place on Sunday the 16th at 10.20am

San San Little lost to Wendy Thummanond 2 & 1

Frances Hall lost to Lesley McClelland 2 & 1

Irene Stewart won v Isabel Nisbet 2 & 1

Janice MacLeod lost to Fiona McIver 4 & 3

Semi Final line up:

Wendy Thummanond v Lesley McClelland

Irene Stewart v Fiona McIver

2021-Handicap-Quaich-Draw-North-Berwick (2)



The ELLCGA Championship was won by Grace Crawford who won by one hole v Lesley Johnston.

The Handicap Quaich was won by San San Little who won 2 and 1 v Lesley Wood.

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