The Catriona Matthew Team Trophy

Celebrating the European Solheim in 2019


The Competition will be known as ‘The Catriona Matthew Team Trophy’.  The Trophy will be presented for the first time in 2020.  It will be played for at the ELLCGA Autumn Meeting annually.   The teams will be made up of ELLCGA members who have entered the meeting.


Competition Administration


The ELLCGA Committee will provide guidance and assistance with the administration of this competition.

The Committee will advise Club Captains of those who have entered the meeting. If the Club Captain is not a member ELLCGA, then a player who has entered will be informed.

ELLCGA may suggest they could find more players to encourage full participation in their teams.

Teams need to be confirmed to the ELLCGA Secretary before any scores are posted.


Terms of the Competition


  • Each Club may enter a maximum of 2 teams.


  • Teams will comprise of three members from the same club who have entered the competition. Two of the best scores will add together to count for the team score.  The team with the highest two combined stableford scores on the day will win the trophy.  Nominated team players do not have to play together.


  • If any team player is ill or cancels, clubs may substitute a player into the team before the first score is posted.  If they do not have a third player the two players scores will count. ELLCGA will manage this at the competition desk.


  • Clubs are encouraged to select Juniors to be part of the Club teams. Should there be 3 or 6 juniors who have entered the event, are members of the ELLCGA Junior membership, and have not been selected by their club, they may form an ELLCGA team and enter as one or two teams. This team will be managed by the Committee.


In the event of a tie.  The last 3, then 6, then 9 holes will be taken into consideration.  If there is still a tie all the way back to the 1st hole, then the third player’s score will be added to the totals and the same process applied if tied again.