ELLCGA Constitution


(Revised November 2021)

1 The name of the Club shall be “East Lothian Ladies’ County Golf Association”. (“the County”).


2     The County’s objectives are

2.1 to commit to encouraging the participation in and the development of golf in the County by providing facilities and training for its Members, particularly those aspiring to play for the County.

2.2 to arrange and hold golf competitions and matches for its Members and provide prizes and awards therefor.

2.3 to co-operate with any other County Association whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of this Association.

2.4 to do all such other things the County may consider to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects as stated in (1), (2), or (3) above.


3 Membership of the County shall be at the discretion of the Committee of  Management but all prospective members must have a current World Handicap System Handicap Index and either a) have been born in East Lothian b) live in East Lothian or c) be a member of a golf club in East Lothian. Members shall be entitled to remain a member of the County, subject to payment of the annual subscription, until she resigns notwithstanding that she may no longer be a member of a golf club or resident in East Lothian. A member may only be a member of one County Association affiliated to Scottish Golf. Previous members may rejoin if they meet the categories above.

4 Membership categories are:

4.1 Full membership

4.2 Honorary membership. The Committee may appoint Honorary memberships with valid reasons for doing so. e.g Services to the County, Professional golfers.

4.3 Intermediate membership – these members must be aged 19 years but not yet 26 on 1st January in any calendar year

4.4 Junior membership – these Members must be under 19 years of age on 1st January in any calendar year

5 Each member shall, as a condition of membership, be bound by the terms of this Constitution.

6 Full, Intermediate and Honorary Members shall have the right to vote at General Meetings of the Association but only Full members may stand for election to the Committee.

7 The Annual Subscription shall be at the discretion of the Committee. This becomes due on 1st January and is payable prior to 1st February. A member intending to resign her membership shall give notice to the Hon. Secretary by 30 November, failing which her subscription will be due on 1st January.

Committee of Management

8 The Office Bearers of the County shall consist of: a Captain, Vice-Captain, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Junior Secretary ex officio and three Committee Members who will form a Committee of Management. The Captain and the Vice-Captain shall be elected annually. They shall be eligible for re-election for a second year. The Captain shall not be eligible for re-election to the Committee until two years have expired after her date of retirement. At the Annual General Meeting one Committee Member shall retire by rotation when her successor shall be appointed. Nominations for the Committee are to be submitted to the Secretary by the Autumn Meeting. Retiring members shall not be re-elected until out of office for one year but by agreement a Committee Member may serve for one extra year to assist with continuity. Any vacancy in the Committee after the Annual General Meeting shall be filled by the Committee. Committee Members shall serve for a period of 3 years. The Committee may co-opt an additional Committee Member if felt desirable to do so and for such a period not exceeding 3 years subject to approval at the next AGM. The Honorary. Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and Junior Secretary shall be appointed annually by the Committee.

President and Vice-President

9 The County shall have a President and a Vice-President who shall be members of the Committee and shall serve for a period of 2 years as Vice-President followed by 2 years as President.

Annual General Meeting

10 The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in November on an evening arranged by the Committee. Fifteen members, excluding the Committee, shall form a quorum. A Special General Meeting may be convened whenever the Committee of Management consider it necessary to do so, or by a requisition signed by at least 15 members. Fourteen days’ notice of the day and hour of an Annual or Special General Meeting must be sent to every member of the County by email and will be posted on the County website. The Committee shall cause a Statement of Accounts of the County to be submitted at the Annual General Meeting. The ordinary pecuniary concerns and running of the Club shall be in the hands of the Committee of Management. No Rules shall be altered or New Rules made except at an Annual or Special General Meeting. Members shall receive notification of any proposed alteration on the Agenda of such a Meeting.


11 The Annual Competitions of the County shall be as follows:

Hole and Hole (off handicap) – a minimum of 28 days will be allowed for each round.

Spring Meeting

County Championship

Commonwealth Spoons (or alternative foursomes or greensomes competition)

Summer Meeting

Autumn Meeting which includes The Catriona Matthew Team Trophy

Winter Foursomes – a minimum of 28 days to be allowed for each round.

12 The Committee will have the power to arrange for any other Competitions they may deem advisable. The dates of the Inter-County Matches shall be arranged by the Hon. Secretary with the Secretaries of the other Counties in the Division. The Teams for these matches shall be selected by the Captain, the Vice-Captain and one other. They shall also arrange the order in which the Team shall play.


13 Competition prizes shall be decided by the Committee of Management.

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