With effect from 2017 the 5 A-side competitions will be amended with Division 1 (“The Dewar Trophy”) remaining a scratch competition and Division 2 (“The Carols’ Trophy”) will be a handicap competition.

Competition Administration

East Lothian Ladies’ County Golf Association will provide guidance and assistance with the administration of this competition and provide guidance on any rules matters, and participating Clubs will make all arrangements for matches.

An Organising Committee will oversee the competition and this Committee will comprise the Captain and Vice-Captain of East Lothian Ladies’ County Golf Association and one representative from each of the participating Clubs. This Committee will meet annually (usually September) at which time any issues may be raised and draws for the season will take place.

The representatives have a vote on any matters relating to the conduct, structure and organization of the 5 a-sides. In the event of a tied vote the Captain of ELLCGA will have the casting vote.


These rules must be displayed within each participating Club and on the ELLCGA website (www.ellgolf.co.uk). All team Captains should ensure that all team members are aware of these rules and that they are adhered to.

The Competition

Teams entering the competition will elect the trophy for which they wish to compete.

In the event of the Clubs agreeing that the number of teams participating for either of the trophies will give rise to more matches than can be reasonably accommodated the competition for that trophy will be split into 2 sections by way of a random draw. The winning team from each section will then play off in a final for the trophy.

Home and Away ties advantage will alternate from year to year.

New teams entering the competition will create the need for a new draw to be made.


1.  5 players per team.

2.  Players must be members of an East Lothian Golf Club.

3.  Players can only play for one club.

4.  Players who are members of other counties may take part, providing they comply with rules 2 and 3 above.

5.  Clubs should encourage junior girls to play.

6.  All matches will be in single format.

7. Each club must appoint an Acting Team Captain to take full responsibility on match days.

8. Where a club has more than one team they should endeavour to maintain a separate pool of players for each team in the interests of maximizing participation. There will however be no prohibition against a player participating in matches for both trophies.

9. A joint team may be entered for either trophy with agreement of the Organising Committee.   The Clubs entering a joint team must agree in advance the arrangements for hosting the home matches.


1.  It will be up to clubs to decide whether to play weekdays or weekends.

2.  The challenging home club should offer 3 dates not all in the same week and must include at least 1 weekday and 1 weekend date. If no approach has been made by the Home Club to arrange the match by 1st April, then home advantage will be lost.

3.  Challenged clubs are expected to respond within 2 weeks of dates being received.

4.  Times for matches can be anytime at weekends and after 5pm or later during the week.

5.  All matches must be played on or before 31st August. Clubs should be flexible where possible if re-arrangement of matches needs to take place.

6.  Once match dates have been arranged, details of said dates must be given to the Vice-Captain of ELLCGA.

7.  As a last resort Clubs must field at least three players rather than concede the whole match. Any conceded games will be deemed to have been lost by 5 & 4.

8.  The Dewar Trophy shall be played off scratch.

9. The Carols’ Trophy shall be played off handicap with an upper limit of WHI 24.4.  Players with a higher handicap may play but must play off 24.4. This means that the course handicaps may be greater than 24. All players must have an active handicap. Full handicap difference will be given.

10. Players must play in order of exact playing handicap, with lowest going off first irrespective of which trophy is being played for. The Acting Team Captains shall name their team 15 minutes prior to play commencing.

11. Scoring. Win – 1 point. Halved match- 1/2 point.  Loss-0 point.

12. If the course is open then play proceeds.  Only if ,during the course of play, the course becomes unplayable under the Rules of Golf, should a match be abandoned. An alternative date should be arranged as soon as possible between the Reps with at least 2 alternative dates being offered by the home team. The date, when confirmed, should be notified to the 5-aside recorder. Where a match has been abandoned all games will start from the first tee regardless of where each game finished in the original match.

13. The home team shall have the honour of the first Tee as they are the challengers.

14. Immediately before the match Acting Team Captains will exchange team cards. No alteration can be made to the team following the exchange of team cards.

15. If a player is delayed the matches should continue in the pairings determined in clause 10 above.

16. In the event of a play off for the Carols’ Trophy, the winner of section A shall offer 3 dates as provided above.  The Final will be played over a course to be mutually agreed and failing agreement by the toss of a coin.


After completion of the match the official “Results Notification Sheet” should be completed and the winning team must arrange for the return of this sheet by post, or e-mail, to the Vice-Captain of ELLCGA within 3 days of the match date. Both Captains should keep a record of the results.

At the end of the season if 2 clubs have the same number of points then the team with the most games will win. In the event of a further tie holes up will win.

Results will be posted on the ELLCGA website. Club Representatives are asked to print these off and post on their respective County notice boards.

The Dewar Trophy will be presented to the winners of the scratch and the Carols’ Trophy will be presented to the winners of handicap divisions at the ELLCGA Annual General Meeting.
In the event of a tie after completion of the five matches in the Carols’ Trophy Final the result will be determined by holes up. In the event of a tie after a holes up count the final shall be decided by a sudden death playoff by the first pairing.

Distance Measuring Devices

A player may obtain distance information by using a device which measures distance only.


Catering, recognised as a courtesy, is left to the discretion of individual Clubs. Catering arrangements should be advised in advance so that the teams are aware of what to expect and host clubs are not left with unnecessary food.


The use of caddies is permitted.

Breach of Rules

Any Club who commits an infringement of the Rules will be asked, in the first instance, to provide the Captain of ELLCGA with written reasons for the infringement.

All other clubs not directly involved with the infringement will be asked to make an informed judgement as to what sanction should. In their opinion, be invoked.

A Breach of the Rules could result in two games being deducted from the offending Club’s score at the end of the season.

Competition Season

Matches will be played between 1st April and 15th August except where the competition for a trophy has been split into 2 sections and it is necessary to play a final. Where possible the final should be played before the 15th August but where this is not possible due to the date on which the participating teams are determined an extension will be granted by ELLCGA. In the event of an extension being granted the final must be played by the date determined which will be no later than 15th September.

Transportation Policy

Follow these links for the East Lothian Ladies County Golf Association Transportation Policy and Consent Form. https://www.ellgolf.co.uk/transportation-policy-documents/

[Updated December 2019]