Scottish Golf Invite Elaine Dick to St Andrews


Earlier this week , Scottish Golf invited Elaine Dick together with other area and County reps from across the central belt,  to play the Old Course in St Andrews.
It was Bacon rolls for breakfast before Elaine and playing partners (Stuart Clayton, Director of Pathways and Coaching,  John from Dumbarton Area and Michelle from Perth & Kinross) headed out onto a cold but sunny 1st tee. There was a steady wind across the whole day which proved challenging no matter which way they were heading! Not to be put off,  Stuart did his best to show the others how to play the course carding an excellent par round. Although Elaine’s long game was on good form,  her ball did manage to find eight of the course’s challenging bunkers. In six of those bunkers her ball was against the sheer face with no sideways option! The greens were huge and slick and her putter was put to the test when she found her ball on the wrong side of a shared green. She would have needed a heavier putter to hit the ball to the required distance.
All in all a great chance to play the course, chat and share ideas resulting in  a very enjoyable and memorable day .