On Course Rules Session – North Berwick Golf Club

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Thank you to the ladies who attended the rules session at North Berwick. The sun was out and everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Katy and Martyn covered 14 scenarios on the day and a summary can be found at the following link.

ELLCGA Rules Scenarios – 13th March 2022

They also mentioned it would be a good idea for members to download the R&A rules app or to have a look at the website where they have some great visuals and also the search function is fantastic –


Much easier than reading through the rule book. However still always a good idea to have one of these in the golf bag.

Another idea suggested  to try and help with learning/remembering rules – in your usual four ball, each week one of you finds a rule and explains it to everyone. This way throughout the season you get the opportunity to learn lots of new rules. Might be a bit more exciting than sitting reading the rule book on your own…