Summer Meeting – results


The weather was hardly summery as play commenced this morning only to worsen when the misty drizzle unexpectedly turned to more serious rain. A few decided not to go out but it did  ease off and then dry up and those playing later got the best of the day.

While it is often said that Craigielaw’s greens are difficult the long list of twos today might suggest otherwise. There were a total of 13 with Craigielaw member Kay Lannin and Clara Young both scoring two twos.

There were a lot of N/Rs and a few lost balls but there were also a number of excellent scores including a scratch 70 from Clara Young, a nett 67 from Audrey Dunnett and a 92 nett 69 from Sheila Hershell who takes the Bronze Scratch prize.

The full results and list of twos can be seen by clicking on the pdf files below but the for a quick summary -there were 65 players and  the CSS was 73.

Silver Division

Scratch:                          Clara Young (70)

Handicap 1st:   Audrey Dunnett (gross 74, nett 67)

Handicap 2nd:  Audrey Berg (gross 90, nett 73)

Handicap 3rd:   Claire Walker (gross 88, nett 74)

Bronze Division

Scratch:                          Sheila Herschell (92)

Handicap 1st:   Anne Wood (gross 99, nett 77)

Handicap 2nd:  Wendy Gootjes (gross 101, nett 77)

Handicap 3rd:   Kelly Foley (gross 106, nett 77)

Result list