Four of our East Lothian Ladies have been taking part in the Scottish Senior Women’s Open at Prestwick St Nicholas.

In difficult scoring conditions Sue Penman was 8th qualifier for the Championship Match Play and Barbara Biggart qualified for the Nett Match Play. Having won through the first two rounds of their respective match plays both found themselves in this morning’s semi finals. Sue in what was obviously a very tight match succumbed at the 19th hole to Sheena Wood from Aberdeen Ladies who in turn was defeated by Elaine Moffat in the final. Barbara also faced defeat at the hand of her opponent Isla McCrone who went on to defeat Karen Ballantyne in the final.

The final day and hopes were high.  Stirling & Clackmannan were to play Midlothian in the first match. S&C had won one match and halved another and a win against Midlothian might give them the title depending on the outcome of the other match. A Midlothian win would give them a clean sweep on their way to retaining the title.

The morning foursome gave Midlothian the edge with a 2-1 lead. The afternoon singles however were a clean sweep for Midlothian.

Meanwhile in the second match East Lothian played Fife. Having lost their first two matches Fife were keen to avoid the wooden spoon. East Lothian hoped for a win to perhaps secure second place or even a three way count back for first if S&C won! Those hopes were dampened as all three of the morning foursomes games went to Fife.

As the afternoon play got under way, the mist which had been hanging around over the water all morning started to roll in and  jackets and waterproofs were donned as protection  from the cold east wind.

It was soon clear that it was going to be difficult to secure the five games in the singles needed to win the match and indeed the Fife team came good for their captain on the final day. East Lothian’s hopes for points as the players played to the gallery at the 13th rested with three games.  Joanne Free went on to win 4&3 over Jocelyn Mackie. Jill McNicoll must have hoped to win a the hole when Hannah Braidwood pushed her drive way right onto the middle of the 14 fairway. Hannah played a wonderful long shot over the edge of the hill to the left hand side of the green. A long straight put and a tap in gave her a par. Jill’s ball lay just off the green on the right between the bunkers. An awkward putt uphill over the edge of the bunker came up short and the second wandered off leaving Jill with a 5. Jill fought on but went down 3&1.

In the last match Kay Lannin and Brogan Clark went dormie 5 in Kay’s favour at the 13th. As the sun eventually burst forth the 14th and 15th both went to Brogan. Although her first putt on 16 rattled the pole as it went past a half in par was enough to ensure a win for Kay.

Midlothian retained the title and will go forward to represent the East Division in the Scottish finals at Kilmacolm in September and we wish them luck.

Dunbar was in great condition but sadly East Lothian could not convert home advantage into a home win but we will be back next year at Ladybank keen for a better outcome.


A few moments from this afternoon, congratulations to Midlothian on a well deserved victory. Thank you to Dunbar for a wonderful welcome and a course that the players would love to play again.

Midlothian retain the East Division County Championship with a resounding 8 to 1 victory against Stirling and Clackmannan

Stirling and Clackmannan 1 vs Midlothian 8

Match 1 Alison Goodwin lost 4 and 3 vs Gabrielle MacDonald

Match 2 Laura Bisset lost 5 and 3 vs Kate McIntosh

Match 3 Fiona Wait lost 6and 5 vs Karen Marshall

Match 4 Alison Davidson lost 5 and 4 vs Alison McBride

Match 5 Louise Macgregor lost 2 and 1 vs Louise Fraser

Match 6 Jennie Allan lost 4 and 3 vs Hannah Darling


Match Score

East Lothian 2 vs Fife 7

Afternoon Singles

Match 1 Lesley Atkins lost 7 and 5 vs Gillian Paton

Match 2 Annabel Hosie lost 6 and 4 vs Susan Jackson

Match 3 Joanne Free won 4 and 3 vs Jocelyn Mackie

Match 4 Alyssa Balding lost 8 and 7 vs Lynn Newton

Match 5 Jill McNicoll 3 and 1 lost vs Hannah Braidwood

Match 6 Kay Lannin won 3 and 2 vs Brogan Clark


Dunbar was looking absolutely stunning this morning for the morning foursomes. A slight haar keeping the temperature down slightly compared to the reportedly boiling temperatures inland.

Not so Sunny Dunny for the second day of competition.

Joanne and Lesley lining up a crucial putt

The scores for the day are posted.

And just for Jenny

Morning Foursomes

East Lothian 0 vs Fife 3

Match 1

Joanne Free and Jill McNicoll lost 3 and 2 vs Jocelyn Mackie and Susan Jackson


Alyssa Balding and Kay Lannin lost 1 down vs Gillian Paton and Karin Sharp

Match 3

Dawn Young and Pam Hall lost 8 and 6 vs Lynn Newton and Brogan Clark

Stirling and Clackmannan 1 vs Midlothian 2

Match 1

Alison Davidson and Laura Bisset lost 4 and 3 vs Gabrielle MacDonald and Alison McBride

Match 2

Jennie Allan and Fiona Wait lost 2 down vs Karen Marshall and Kate McIntosh

Match 3

Louise MacGregor and Alison Goodwin won 3 and 1 vs Karen Ferguson-Snedden and Caroline Steedman

The First Match of the day was the match between Stirling & Clackmanan and Fife. S&C got off to a racing starting the Foursomes claiming all three games.  In the afternoon singles games a few more bounces went Fife’s way and they managed to win three and half a fourth.

Jill’s dad George McNicoll obviously thought Jenni needed L plates too and arrived with one this morning for the buggy.


East Lothian took on Midlothian in the second match.  The first two matches were tight and could have gone either way but Louise Fraser & Hannah Darling proved the steadier pair taking the first point 3&2 from Jill McNicoll & Alyssa Balding.

Kay Lannin and Dawn Young in the last game struggled against Karen Fergusson Sneddon & Caroline Steedman.

The middle game between Alison McBride & Kate McIntosh and Joanne Free & Lesley Atkins kept us in suspense all the way to the 18th and a halved match.

First game in the afternoon was between the two  “Juniors” Hannah Darling and Annabel Hosie. An on form Hannah quickly took the upper hand.

Joanne Free bounced back from the morning with some great golf to secured the first win of the afternoon  for East Lothian.

The third game could have gone either way but the very steady Karen Marshall payed a great short game to see off the challenge of Lesley Atkins.

Jill McNicoll fell victim to too many bunkers in her defeat at the hands of Caroline Steedman.

In an up and down game Alyssa Balding  nudged ahead of Alison McBride again in the closing holes and a par on the last hole was sufficient to secure the game and another point for East Lothian.

In the final game Kay Lannin was up against Louise Fraser. This time it was the turn of Louise to find a series is hole allowing Kay to stretch her lead to 4 at the turn before being pegged back to 1. Leaving the 13th green her caddy, Dawn Young decided to take out your captain with a runaway trolley but your captain is made of stronger stuff and the trolley came off worst landing  on its side, shed its bag and battery and Kay’s snack.  Kay kept her calm and a birdie put her to 2 up playing the 16th. A mass of supporters and a buggy may or not have influenced Kay in taking a slightly left approach to the green but a well judged bounce of the perimeter wall gave her the chance for a birdie 2 and a 3&2 win. Dawn may get the L plate tomorrow!

Full results below.    See also our face book page for other photo

Score Midlothian 5 1/2 East Lothian 3 1/2

Match 1 Hannah Darling won 8 and 7 vs Annabel Hosie

Match 2 Gabrielle MacDonald lost 4 and 3 vs Joanne Free

Match 3 Karen Marshall won 3 and 2 vs Lesley Atkins

Match 4 Caroline Steedman won 5 and 4 vs Jill McNicol

Match 5 Alison McBride lost 1 down vs Alyssa Balding

Match 6 Louise Fraser lost 3 and 2 vs Kay Lannin

Score Stirling and Clackmannan 5 1/2 vs Fife 3 1/2

Match 1 Louise Macgregor halved with Gillian Paton

Match 2 Jennie Allan lost 1 down vs Jocelyn Mackie

Match 3 Fiona Wait won 3 and 2 vs Karin Sharp

Match 4 Mhairi Hall lost 5 and 4 vs Brogan Clark

Match 5 Laura Bisset lost 3 and 1 vs Hannah Bradwood

Match 6 Alison Davidson won 5 and 4  vs Lorraine Morrow

Morning Foursomes

Midlothian 2 1/2 vs East Lothian 1/2

Match 1

Louise Fraser and Hannah Darling won 3 and 2 vs Jill McNicoll and Alyssa Balding


Alison McBride and Kate McIntosh halved match vs Joanne Free and Lesley Atkins


Karen Ferguson-Snedden and Caroline Steedman won 5 and 4 vs Kay Lannin and Dawn Young

Stirling and Clackmannan 3 vs Fife 0

Match 1

Alison Davidson and Laura Bisset won 5 and 4 vs Gillian Patton and Karin Sharp

Match 2

Louise Macgregor and Alison Goodwin won 7 and 6 vs Lynn Newton and Brogan Clark

Match 3

Jennie Allan and Alexis Hutton won 2 up vs Jocelyn Mackie and Hannah Braidwood


I think the Vice Captain should have “L” plates


Buggy Inspection

All heading for the 18th

“Sunny Dunny” lived up to its name and after practise rounds in glorious sunshine on Sunday the four County teams met this morning in the sunshine for the first day of the formal matches.

First match out were East Lothian v Stirling and Clackmannan.

Joanne Free and Lesley Atikins led the way almost securing the first point at the 15th but an awkward bunker shot determined otherwise but there was a shaking of the hands at the 16th and the first point on the board.

In the last game Jill McNicoll and Alyssa Balding were nip and tuck in a tight match with Laura Bisset and Alison Davidson which ended in a win for S & C at the 17th.

All attention now focused on the middle game with the two newcomers to the team, Kay Lannin and Annabel Hosie nudging ahead at the 17th. A raking putt from Annabel on the 18th secured the win.

East Lothian went into lunch one point ahead.

The afternoon games opened with Joanne Free against old rival Louise Macgregor.  Joanne trailed 2 down through 11 and an uncharactaristic wild drive at 13 left her on the edge of the 14th fairway.  In a Houdini moment she flew her 2nd shot blind over the 14th tee onto the green.  Still trailing she changed gear at the 15th driving past the pin and sinking her putt for a brilliant eagle followed by a par, par, birdie finish for a 1 up win.

Pam Hall struggled against a big hitting Jennie Allan into a strong east wind compounded with an unlucky bunker experience at the 11th meant she was up against it. It was easier to compete with the wind behind her on the way back but the gap was too big and she ran out of holes.

In the last 2 games a slightly wayward Alyssa Balding quickly went 3 down and while she cut that to 1, the holes slipped away from her again. Meanwhile Kay Lannin playing some lovely golf found herself up against an in form Alison Davidson and her game ended early too.

All interest now centred on the middle games. The respective captains raced ahead to the 18th unsure whether Dawn Young and Fiona Wait were putting out for a win or a half.  Both parred the hole for a halved match.

The game between Jill Mc Nicoll and Alison Goodwin had been swinging back and forward all the way round.  Jill was one up and unaware of the result of the matches ahead of her.  Pars from both players secured the much needed win for East Lothian and a tied match overall after day 1.

The Midlothian v Fife Matches were close in the morning foursomes till the turn when the matches started to swing Midlothian’s way. Fife held on to claim a half point at lunchtime. Up against it from the start of the singles they secured two wins in their 6.5-2.5 defeat by the current champions.

Plenty to play for tomorrow.

Full results below

Congratulations to the quarter finalists.

Round 3 has now been completed and the results can be found at:


The quarter finals have to be played on or before the 8th of August.

East Lothian vs Stirling and ClackmannanMatch

Match was halved 41/2 to 41/2

Match 1 Joanne Free won 1 up vs Louise MacGregor

Match 2 Pam Hall lost 4 and 3 vs Jennie Allan

Match 3 Dawn Young halved with Fiona Watt

Match 4 Jill McNicoll won 1 up vs Alison Goodwin

Match 5 Alyssa Balding lost 5 and 3 vs Laura Bisset

Match 6 Kay Lannin lost 5 and 4 vs Alison Davidson

Fife vs Midlothian

Midlothian won 6 1/2 to 2 1/2

Match 1 Gillian Paton won 4 and 2 vs Gabrielle MacDonald

Match 2 Susan Jackson lost 4 and 3 vs Hannah Darling

Match 3 Jocelyn Mackie won 1 up vs Karen Ferguson-Snedden

Match 4 Lorraine Morrow lost 5 and 4 vs Caroline Steedman

Match 5 Karin Sharp lost 3 and 2 vs Kate McIntosh

Match 6 Brogan Clark lost 2 and 1 vs Karen Marshall


Morning pairings:

East Lothian vs Stirling & Clackmannan

East Lothian lead 2 matches to 1

Match 1

Joanne Free and Lesley Atkins won 3 and 2 vs Louise Macgregor and Mhairi Hall

Match 2

Kay Lannin and Annabel Hosie  won 2 up vs Alexis Hutton and Jennie Allan

Match 3

Jill McNicoll and Alyssa Balding lost 2 and 1 vs Laura Bissett and Alison Davidson


Fife vs Midlothian

Midlothian lead by 2 1/2 to 1/2

Match 1

Gillian Paton and Karin Sharp lost 4 and 3 vs Gabrielle MacDonald and Hannah Darling

Match 2

Jocelyn Mackie and Susan Jackson halved with Karen Marshall and Kate McIntosh

Match 3

Lynn Newton and Brogan Clark lost 2 and 1 vs Louise Fraser and Alison McBride





Click on the link below to see full details of the teams which will be competing at Dunbar 25th -27th June 2018

Jamboree teams 2018




















We hope that we will see some of our members at Dunbar to support the Team.

The Morning Foursomes start each day at 9.30am and the afternoon singles at 2.27pm

Day 1 – Monday 25th June 2018

Match 1                      East Lothian v Stirling and Clackmannan

Match 2                      Fife v Midlothian

Day 2 – Tuesday 26th June 2018

Match 1                      Stirling and Clackmannan v Fife

Match 2                      Midlothian v East Lothian

Day 3 – Wednesday 27th June 2018


Match 1                      Stirling and Clackmannan v Midlothian

Match 2                      East Lothian v Fife

Updated results for the Summer Hole & Hole can be found here:


The last date for ties to be played is Sunday The 24th June, please send your results to Linda Henderson.

Some people ask what the Jamboree is all about so here goes.

The Jamboree or the East Division Inter County Championships to give the event its full title involves ladies teams from East Lothian, Midlothian, Stirling & Clackmannan and Fife. There are 8 players in each team and with each captain selecting 6 to play in 3 foursomes matches in the morning and 6 singles in the afternoon. Ryder Cup style the captains meet at the registration desk prior to each set of matches to compare their team/pairings playing order for the matches. The matches are all played off scratch. The winners over the 3 days will go on to represent the East Division in the Scottish Finals at Kilmacolm in September.

There will be some great golf and hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Many of the players know each other and enjoy renewing old friendships and making new ones. All the players however are very proud to be selected to play for their County and there is great team spirit and a desire to play well for themselves and for the team.

ELLCGA was originally formed in 1924 with the principal aim of entering a team in the Inter County Championships and the rest of the events, which have varied over the years, were and still are intended as fund raisers to support the team. The Championships were originally home and away fixtures and Forfarshire was at that time part of East Division. In the first year of East Lothian’s participation the teams played on amongst others Carnoustie and Muirfield.

The current format affectionately known as “The Jamboree” was introduced in 1974. There was a recognition that it made sense in terms of time and costs for the matches to be condensed into a single three day period. The first East Division Jamboree was held at North Berwick.

While East Lothian had qualified for the Scottish County Finals in the past the first successful run in qualifying for the County Finals was 1978 -87 when we qualified 7 times in 10 years.  Winning the finals was rather more elusive with a win only at Stranraer in 1978.

It was the period 1990-9 when East Lothian were the team to beat. Not only did they reach the finals 8 times they won the Shield 6 times including in 1999 at Gullane in their 75th year. We last made County Finals 4 years ago when the Jamboree was at North Berwick and we hope to make use of the home advantage to make it again this year.


All the girls with their prizes and Maree Rudd

We have been trying some different formats with the Juniors this year.  Today we combined the Summer Meeting with the East Lothian Junior League which enabled some of the girls to play for their clubs as well as in the Summer Meeting since the event was a Stableford competition.

We had 5 girls playing this year including new member Cera Gemmell from North Berwick who scored a magnificent 43 points! Well done Cera. Indeed well done to all the girls. Dunbar is a long and sometimes tricky course and some of the girls were playing it for the first time.

Our thanks also to David Warren and the East Lothian Junior League for allowing us to join in with their event. Kilspindie won the Team event.

Full results:-

1st – Cera  Gemmell  (23)- 41
2nd Ala Gorka (11) – 30 BIH
3rd Annie Wilson (10) – 30
4th Cassie Davidson – McQueen (24) – 28
5th Emma Rudd (32) – 22

CSS 72


We are aware that some people have had issues viewing the website on different devices and in opening some documents. These problems usually appear only on tablets and smart phones and are due to assorted updates on the platform we use and browsers such as Safari. We are have arranged to have the website updated to cope with these other updates. The website as far as we are aware is fully operational on computers.

The Babe Zaharias Trophy has proved once again to be a very popular event, and we have now filled all our available tee times and started a waiting list.  For a list of accepted applications, please click on the link below.  If your application has been accepted and you find that you are unable to play, please notify as soon as possible so that she can re-allocate your place to someone on the waiting list. 

BZ Accepted Applications as at 12.6.2018 (pdf) (1)

The weather was hardly summery as play commenced this morning only to worsen when the misty drizzle unexpectedly turned to more serious rain. A few decided not to go out but it did  ease off and then dry up and those playing later got the best of the day.

While it is often said that Craigielaw’s greens are difficult the long list of twos today might suggest otherwise. There were a total of 13 with Craigielaw member Kay Lannin and Clara Young both scoring two twos.

There were a lot of N/Rs and a few lost balls but there were also a number of excellent scores including a scratch 70 from Clara Young, a nett 67 from Audrey Dunnett and a 92 nett 69 from Sheila Hershell who takes the Bronze Scratch prize.

The full results and list of twos can be seen by clicking on the pdf files below but the for a quick summary -there were 65 players and  the CSS was 73.

Silver Division

Scratch:                          Clara Young (70)

Handicap 1st:   Audrey Dunnett (gross 74, nett 67)

Handicap 2nd:  Audrey Berg (gross 90, nett 73)

Handicap 3rd:   Claire Walker (gross 88, nett 74)

Bronze Division

Scratch:                          Sheila Herschell (92)

Handicap 1st:   Anne Wood (gross 99, nett 77)

Handicap 2nd:  Wendy Gootjes (gross 101, nett 77)

Handicap 3rd:   Kelly Foley (gross 106, nett 77)

Result list



The draw has now been made for the Summer Meeting at Cragielaw GC on Monday 11th June. Click on the links below to see the draw and the information sheet for this event.

Fingers crossed for a sunny summer day.

Summer Meeting Draw 2018 (pdf)

2018 Summer Meeting Information Sheet

Unfortunately due to a hip problem which is affecting her golf Mary Lou Watkins has to her great disappointment had to pull out of the County Team.

Dad news for one is good news for another and Pam Hall is delighted to step in to play for the team again this year.

The full team is now Alyssa Balding, Annabel Hosie, Dawn Young, Jill McNicoll, Joanne Free, Kay Lannin, Lesley Atkins and Pam Hall