Autumn Meeting – New Date – 26th September

As some of you will know the Autumn Meeting at Haddington on Friday had to be abandoned when a torrential downpour following on all the earlier rain flooded the greens and we were advised that play could not continue.

We have re-scheduled the event for Tuesday 26th September. Unfortunately there will be no late tee- off times since the days are too short by that time of year. We have a block from 8.30 – 2pm.

If you were entered for the event yesterday and wish to play in the re-scheduled Autumn Meeting please email to ellcga2@gmail.com Your payment and Two’s Sweep money will be rolled over to the new date. We will as far as possible allocate a time within half an hour of your original time but you will appreciate that some re-jigging of the draw will be required. Times are likely to be earlier than today. If you need a different time please let us know.
The closing date for this competition is 5pm on Monday 18th September.

If you were entered for the event and cannot play on the new date please let us know on ellcga2@gmail.com and a refund will be sent for your  entry and where appropriate the sweep. 

If  you were not entered but wish to play on the new date please let us know at ellcga2@gmail.com and  also let us know your preferred tee off time slot.

Payment will be accepted by cheque or bank transfer.

Please note the online booking system will not be used for this re-scheduled competition.

It would be very much appreciated if everyone who was originally in the draw could respond by the  closing date of 5pm on Monday 18th September.

Fingers crossed for better weather next time.

Commonwealth Spoons – Results

Summer has arrived at last and we were all so pleased to be able to play in our shorts and polo shirts today at Longniddry. What a contrast to the rain at Gifford last year and the cold winds at Muirfield just a few weeks ago.

There were some good scores but some obviously were confused by the sun and lack of wind!

First – Anne McAllister & Heather Neill – 93 – 22.5 –  70.5

Second – Sheila Herschell & Carolyn Gemmell – 102 – 28 – 74

Third – Anne Blundell & Irene Stewart  – 89 – 14 – 75

The best five score  qualify for the finals at Alyth on the 11th September. Details will be sent to the qualifiers in due course.

Fourth – Linda Henderson & Linda Smith 92 – 16 – 76 (better back 9)

Fifth – Linda Gray & Audrey Berg – 95 – 19 – 76

Two’s – Hazel Saunders & Cationa Smith (16th)



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Draw for the Commonwealth Spoons to be played at Longniddry on 25th May 2017

8.48 Sheila Herschell Carolyn Gemmell Jane McMinn Jenni Ray
8.56 Hazel Saunders Catriona Smith Mary Lou Watkins Lorna Thomson
9.04 Clare Mackay Dianne Brown Dawn Young Clara Young
9.12 Sue Warren Alice Archibold Isabel Smith Christine Reid
9.2 Elizabeth McLelland Irene Campbell Frances Hall Anne Featherstone
9.28 Anne Mcallister Heather Neill Irene Gray Janet Fairweather
9.36 Sue Penman Liz MacColl Margaret Milligan Anne Forbes
9.44 Carole Ross Carol Macleod Gwen Rodgers Irene Graham
9.52 Anne Blundell Irene Stewart Dorothy Thomson Liz Lonie
10.00 Carol Murray Diane Huish Lorna White Elaine Somers
10.08 Sally Lucas Georgene Parsons Jillian Rankin Fiona Hutchison
10.16 Felicity Bryant Pat Cusden Christian Blake Lesley Ross
10.24 Elspeth Morrison Elizabeth Edwards Karen Probin Cynthia Guthrie
10.32 Sandra Pollock Ivy Donn Val Balfour Barbara Wallace
10.40 Robyn Weddell Jean Waddell Seline Stewart Pat Lockie
10.48 Jeanie Cole Sandra Banks Sharon Lynch Jane Watt
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11.04 Janice MacLeod Anne Wood Linda Gray Audrey Berg
11.12 Audrey Dunnett Helen Findlay Shona Low Libby Burnett
11.20 Annabel Hosie Lauren Lee Tricia Boyd Anne Abrams
13.20 Anne Pyrkosz Ann Lafferty Geri Turner Fiona Larnach
13.36 Janette Buchanan Pam Hall Jane Nelson Janette Laing
13.44 Linda Henderson Linda Smith Elaine Dick Viv Skinner
13.52 Nancy Thorne Marion Currie June Elliot Brenda Goldstein
16.40 Corrine Luca Jean McNeill
16.40 Lynn Lund Fiona Hopkinson Jill McNicoll Lillias McNicoll
17.12 Alyssa Balding Anne Marshall Helen Napier Moira Stewart
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Handicap Quaich

Jane McMinn winner of the Handicap Quaich today at Muirfield


Championship Final

After a thrilling final that went all the way to the 21st hole Jill McNicoll  emerged as the 2017 Champion. Congratulations go to Jill on winning but also to Kay Lannin who proved to be a very worthy runner up.  We were treated to some great golf and a match that swung back and forth.

A full report and photos will be posted shortly.

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Championship & Handicap Quaich Update & Results

A full report will follow

Championship Semi Finals

8.30am  – Stacey Cameron lost 4&3 v Kay Lannin

8.38am  – Jill McNicoll won 4&3 v Dawn Young

Handicap Quaich

8.54 – Sue Murray lost to Jane McMinn 2 down

congratulations to Jane Mc Minn on winning the Handicap Quaich.

The Championship final will be contested between Kay Lannin and Jill McNicoll.



Championship and Handicap Quaich Qualifiers 2017 & first round results.


9.20am – Stacey Cameron won 3&1 v.Eleanor Black

9.28am – Elinor Blair won 3&3 v Barbara Biggart

9.36 am – Alyssa Balding lost 3&2 v Kathleen Lannin

9.44am – Dianne Brown lost 5&3 v Lesley Johnston

9.52am – Mary Lou Watkins  lost to Keren Ward at the 19th

10.00am – Sue Penman lost 5&4 v Jill McNicoll

10.08am – Hazel Saunders won 3&1 v Sarah Stichbury

10.16 am – Margaret Milligan lost 5&4 v Dawn Young

Handicap Quaich

10.32am – Sue Murray won 4&3 v Anne Blundell

10.40am – Barbara Wallace won 3&2 v Irene Gray

10.48am – Elaine Somers lost 7&6 v Marie Young

10.56am – Fiona Maciver lost 4&2 v Jane McMinn






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Spring Meeting at Muirfield – Report

The County Flag flew over Muirfield yesterday for our first County Meeting of the year and the first to be held at Muirfield. The conditions were to say the least testing with winds toppling trolleys and making it very difficult around the greens. Despite the conditions there were no call offs on the day and while there were rather more N/Rs than usual only a very few decided to retire at the 9th. We were however lucky that apart from one hail shower bang on 2pm as I tee’d off the forecasted  rain stayed away.

The winds and chill on the course were balanced by the warmth of the welcome we received in the clubhouse and many people have commented on how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

The first three pictured above, Stacey Cameron, Mary Lou Watkins and Hazel Saunders, set off at 8am and set the pace both in terms of scores and pace of play. They completed their round in 3hours 20 minutes and all three will be returning on Sunday to play in the championship. Congratulations go to Stacey also for winning the over all scratch prize.

Despite the conditions several members managed reductions in their handicap including the three ladies contesting the Silver Handicap Prizes. All three scored nett 77 and count backs were required. Congratulations to new member Alyssa Balding who has moved north from Northumberland (1st), Dawn Young (2nd) and Margaret Milligan (3rd)

As the winds strengthened even more in the afternoon the famous short  7th hole (photo above) was made even more difficult as it became almost impossible to replace a ball that had been marked without it wandering off downhill in the wind.

The winds abated late in the day and everyone managed to get round  before the light failed and as we awaited their return we enjoyed a wonderful sunset.