8.48 Sheila Herschell Carolyn Gemmell Jane McMinn Jenni Ray
8.56 Hazel Saunders Catriona Smith Mary Lou Watkins Lorna Thomson
9.04 Clare Mackay Dianne Brown Dawn Young Clara Young
9.12 Sue Warren Alice Archibold Isabel Smith Christine Reid
9.2 Elizabeth McLelland Irene Campbell Frances Hall Anne Featherstone
9.28 Anne Mcallister Heather Neill Irene Gray Janet Fairweather
9.36 Sue Penman Liz MacColl Margaret Milligan Anne Forbes
9.44 Carole Ross Carol Macleod Gwen Rodgers Irene Graham
9.52 Anne Blundell Irene Stewart Dorothy Thomson Liz Lonie
10.00 Carol Murray Diane Huish Lorna White Elaine Somers
10.08 Sally Lucas Georgene Parsons Jillian Rankin Fiona Hutchison
10.16 Felicity Bryant Pat Cusden Christian Blake Lesley Ross
10.24 Elspeth Morrison Elizabeth Edwards Karen Probin Cynthia Guthrie
10.32 Sandra Pollock Ivy Donn Val Balfour Barbara Wallace
10.40 Robyn Weddell Jean Waddell Seline Stewart Pat Lockie
10.48 Jeanie Cole Sandra Banks Sharon Lynch Jane Watt
x x x x
11.04 Janice MacLeod Anne Wood Linda Gray Audrey Berg
11.12 Audrey Dunnett Helen Findlay Shona Low Libby Burnett
11.20 Annabel Hosie Lauren Lee Tricia Boyd Anne Abrams
13.20 Anne Pyrkosz Ann Lafferty Geri Turner Fiona Larnach
13.36 Janette Buchanan Pam Hall Jane Nelson Janette Laing
13.44 Linda Henderson Linda Smith Elaine Dick Viv Skinner
13.52 Nancy Thorne Marion Currie June Elliot Brenda Goldstein
16.40 Corrine Luca Jean McNeill
16.40 Lynn Lund Fiona Hopkinson Jill McNicoll Lillias McNicoll
17.12 Alyssa Balding Anne Marshall Helen Napier Moira Stewart

The sheet for the Commonwealth Spoons is now open. Please enter online with your partner.

As always if you do not have a partner we will be happy to try and match you up with someone. Ladies without a partner should contact Eleanor Black our secretary by email at eleanork_black@yahoo.co.uk and she will add your name to a list. She will need all the normal details (NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, HANDICAP AND CLUB) along with a tee time preference and she will pair you up as in the past where possible. She will then contact you re payment.


Well done to everyone who played at Gifford today. The elements were not kind and I am feeling much better after a hot bath! Thank you to those ladies who played and marked cards which prevented any 3 balls going out until the 4 pm slot their participation was much appreciated. This meant that the golf was played at a great pace. I have to say the 3 ball at the end may have been slower but from their comments at the end they all had fun. Gifford golf course was in great condition and their greens were lovely too but the wind and rain took its toll on the scores and the players.

Gifford Golf Club were also very welcoming and thank you to Bob for opening early and to Shirley and all her staff for looking after us so well and feeding all the hungry ladies. It was difficult to pull yourself out of the Club after a quick toilet stop where everyone was warm and cosy. The results are as follows:-



1  Elinor Blair and Janice Reid(North Berwick) 86 (11) 75                                                                                          

2 Irene Gray (Musselburgh) and Anne Marshall (Dunbar) 92 (16.5) 75.5

3 Anne McAllister and Heather Neil (Renaissance) (22.5) 76.5

I will confirm those representing ELLCGA at Eyemouth on September 7th 

HOLE IN TWO SWEEP (£80 IN THE KITTY) – no holes in two so I will give money to McMillan at the Babe Zaharias Trophy. I trust you will all be happy your £1 has gone to a good cause